Thursday, September 23, 2010

Angel Devil Costume For My Little Angel

I first started this blog to just announce when I had listed things in my etsy shop.  After a life changing event, my son, I decided to document my projects, wether they end up in she shop or not.

So first on the list is my son's first halloween costume.  Originaly we were going to do Speed Racer complete with a Mach 5 walker.  After much searching for a sports car walker used (they are way too expensive new to be altered) we came up with an alternative. 

Pattened after this costume

I like this costume, but it's lacking one thing that is very important in Chicagoland in October.  The fabric looks thin and not very warm.   

So I figured I could alter this pattern Simplicity 2506

I'm planning on changing the velcro closure to a zipper, redraw the horns, skip the cape, and draft an angel and bat wing.  Well, Daddy will be drawing the angel and bat wings,.  If I have to draw them out, it will take twice as long.

My pile of supplies...all purchased from our local Joanns


I can already tell this is going to be a messy project.  The edges of the cuddle fleece are already shedding.  I opted for a premade halo.  I'll just remove the headband and attach it to the hood.  That's the plan anyway.


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