Thursday, April 28, 2011

Semi-Failed Airbrush Experiment

Now that my airbrush is functional again, I had an idea for a new mini hat.  I started with the basic outline of the crown, to which my wonderful boyfriend MasterLegion drew a flame outline for me onto freezer paper.  Something that would take me hours to do, he does in 5 minutes.


After making a copy of the original onto another piece of freezer paper and cutting it out, I realized It needed to be just a little longer in the center back.  I added 2 small sections on either end, overlapping the edges slightly, and glued them in place with just an elmersglue stick.  Then ironed the whole thing to a piece of satin.  If you have never used freezer paper as a stencil before, this is a great technique.  Just search Google, and you will find lots of tutorials.


So onto the fun part…or so I thought.  I was trying to use the airbrush paint I already had on hand.  Unfortunately, nail art airbrush paint does not work on fabric, or at least black fabric. It certainly stained my light grey shirt at work.  I’m thinking it’s too transparent for this use.  I need to order an adapter part for my master airbrush from  Chicago Airbrush Supply anyway, might as well order some Createx opaque colors while I’m at it. 

This was a little disappointing.  I had realy wanted to finish this hat up.   


I did have some purple Createx opaque paint on hand, and figured I might as well try it out while I was experimenting.  I also added a light mist of white pearl over the purple.


Even though it didnt turn out the way I originally intended, It’s still kind of a neat looking piece.  I will probably be turning this into a hat sometime soon.


On another note…My perfect pencil skirt is finished.  I just need to take some final photos before I post the results.

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  1. I think it looks pretty alright :) Try again and you may just perfect your skill!



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